Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal data are informations that identifies you, such as your name, email address or mail. The company does not collect personally identifiable information except when you provide them specifically (eg subscribing to email newsletters, participating in an interview, a competition or game, ordering samples or brochures, or requesting information) and expresses its consent to their use.

We store, use, or transfer personal data only if you provide consent and to the extent that it is necessary – as regards the content and time limit – for each specific case, for example, to answer questions or concerns and to meet user requests.

Any transfer of personal data occurs only after explicit consent: will never be sold or transferred personal data to third parties. It could however be a need to disclose information about you if we are required by law or government regulations.

Use of Personal Data for commercial or marketing purposes

If you give your explicit consent to use your personal data for commercial or marketing purposes, these will be stored and continuously used for this purpose (for example to send the newsletter), all via e-mail or mail, or through any other channel communication for which you have expressed your consent. We may use your information to create and maintain a user profile to send you advertising and promotions. We may also use these data in order to analyze and improve the effectiveness of our web services, advertising, marketing, market research, and sales.

Cancellation of consent

You can cancel your consent to use your personal data completely or partly at any time in the future, by contacting the company directly.

Automatically Recorded Information (Non-Personal Data)

When you access our website, it is automatically collected general information that is not related to the person, for example the name of your Internet provider (or corporate networks, the name of your company), the site you have visited before, the information sought on our site, the date and time of the search and the operating system and the browser used. This information is collected and analyzed anonymously. They are used exclusively to improve the attractiveness, content and functionality of our site. They are not used for any other purpose nor disclosed to third parties.


To facilitate the use of our site, we use “cookies.” Cookies are small text files that can be stored on the hard disk of visitors to the site. The information contained in cookies makes it easy for you to browse the Internet and facilitates the correct display of web pages. They also tell us whether you have visited our website or if you are a new visitor. Our cookies can not identify you as a person. You can prevent cookies are stored on your hard disk by changing the settings of your browser by blocking all cookies or receiving a warning before a cookie is stored.

Data Security

All data is saved on servers that operate with a high level of security and which are protected against misuse, loss, modification, or access by unauthorized persons.

Updates and Changes

We may change or update portions of this information on data protection at any time and without notice. We invite you to check every so often in order to be aware of any changes or updates. We will indicate the date of entry into force of the information.